Self Defense Class For Women in Elk Grove, CA

At Sher Khan Karate in Elk Grove, CA, we help students of all experience levels work toward their goals. We understand that each student comes to train for different reasons. Our self-defense class for women, for example, focuses on practical techniques for those who want to protect themselves from unexpected dangers.

A Martial Arts Tradition

Our academy's instructors all train under Chris Tanaka, who earned a black belt from Master John Sepulveda. We make sure that all of our instructors teach the same approach to all students. Students receive belts and recognition for other achievements when they have truly mastered the required skills.

At Sher Khan Karate, our self-defense class for women may help students learn how to avoid confrontations completely. We also give you the tools to remove yourself from dangerous situations as soon as possible. If you are near Sacramento County and have thought about training, give us a call to arrange a trial class.


Mr. Tanaka and his twins Emi and Keo

Elk Grove, CA