Private Training in Elk Grove, CA

Self defense and martial arts courses offer adults and children alike the chance to master new skills and techniques. For some people, the social aspects of group training are appealing and beneficial. But for others, private training is the preferred method of learning a new discipline and getting up to speed from a physical standpoint. If you're interested in private training for yourself or your child, come to our center in Elk Grove, CA.

Customized Programs

Sher Khan Karate offers a number of private training options designed to suit your specific needs. When you come to our Elk Grove, CA facility, we'll take the time to develop a training program that works for your schedule and enables you to meet your personal goals. Our private instructors enjoy working one-on-one with students and will go out of their way help you make the most of your individual lessons. And because we truly enjoy what we do, we aim to keep our private training program rates reasonable and affordable.

Experience the benefits of self defense and martial arts training with private instruction from Sher Khan Karate. Call today for more information.


Mr. Tanaka and his twins Emi and Keo

Elk Grove, CA