Martial Arts Schools in Elk Grove, CA

Martial arts schools offer a wide variety of classes and disciplines that serve many purposes. At Sher Khan Karate, we teach students in Elk Grove, CA, who want practical classes and others who want to use karate as a more interesting way to exercise and improve agility. No matter what your motivation for training is, we will find a class to fit your needs.

We conduct courses for students of all ages. We believe that students are never too young or too old to start learning the martial arts skills. We can arrange private courses, but we also offer the following regular courses:

  • Tiger Cub (ages 4 - 5)
  • Junior (ages 6 -12)
  • Teen classes
  • Adult classes

Sher Khan Karate in Sacramento County can help you sort through the courses available at the different area martial arts schools. We believe in matching students with training programs that they will find meaningful and useful. Give us a call today to discuss your options.


Mr. Tanaka and his twins Emi and Keo

Elk Grove, CA