Self Defense and Martial Arts Course in Elk Grove, CA

The self-defense and martial arts course selection at Sher Khan Karate in Elk Grove, CA, offers something for all students. We also take a broad view of how to deal with conflict and teach our students how to de-escalate conflicts verbally. Our gym's supportive environment encourages learning and fosters a unique camaraderie between teachers and fellow students.

We work closely with all our students to help them learn new skills, but students are free to make progress at their own pace. Our courses focus on different areas and include:

  • Self-defense for groups
  • Private training
  • Self-defense for women
  • Karate classes

At Sher Khan Karate in Sacramento County, our instructors constantly learn and train so they can effectively transfer those skills to their students. If you are interested in finding out more about our self-defense and martial arts course offerings, contact us today. An instructor will be happy to help you decide which courses would match your requirements


Mr. Tanaka and his twins Emi and Keo

Elk Grove, CA